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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

Why are you offering 10 tonnes for free?

We are always excited to forge new ties with people and companies that require detailing. What better way than offering more than great service

Are drawings checked before being sent for approval?

We don’t leave things to chance and every drawing is checked twice before it leaves our office

Do you provide CNC files?

Our standard practice is to deliver as much information as possible, CNC, dxf and dwgs are standard issue

Can you estimate per ton?

Yes, we can give you a “ballpark” figure based on a tonnage, and adjust as needed when plan documents are received.

How quickly can a project be scheduled?

Small projects for established customers can often be put into the schedule right away and larger project will require a lead time of a few days

What software do you use?

All our detailers are proficient in Tekla Structures of which we are a licensed operator

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